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i love 'em! >>convicted of sexual abuse, former assistant penn state football coach jerry sandusky will spend at least the next three decades behind bars. good afternoon. i'm robert jordan in for steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. i believe the sentence the court imposed today was a wise and proper one. 68 year-old did not
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speak to reporters as he was led away from the courthouse. he is accused of sexually abusing 10 bolus. the victims spoke at the hearing today. sandusky maintained his innocence. >> his statement was a masterpiece of self to a given. completely removed from reality. sandusky's attorneys say he did not get a fair trial and they will his conviction. in the wake of the sex abuse scandal. the n-c-double-a imposed sanctions against penn state. including a 60 million dollar fine and a four year bowl
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ban. >>drawing the ire of the gun lobby, cook county board president preckwinkle is eyeing a violence tax on guns and ammunition sold in the city and suburbs, the chicago sun-times has learned. cost of the county right now $143 of debt to house one person. a spokesman for the national rifle association says the company is looking to make legal gun owners scapegoats. they fan ofa similar tax was proposed
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in 2007. and never passed. >>schools are closed today, and they will be again tomorrow in evergreen park.. where a teacher strike is now in its second week. wgn's nancy loo has the latest on negotiations to end the walkout. there is no end in sight. union leaders say they're disappointed. there and it just after a visit from the president of the chicago division of labor. you're referring furrier judge and community is now they will fight for their jobs later. the words of encouragement. fuel to every teacher to ticket with more purpose. our organization is in
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100 percent support of what is current on the ear. the 210 educators to remain on strike are not finding too hopeful of a returning to the classrooms at a time some. both sides reported little to no progress. despite nine hours of negotiation. shutting down five schools for 1800 kids. the two sides also disagree on how to make up for lost time. the board wants to keep the student for making up the entire school year. that is unacceptable. kids will miss this sixth day of class as tomorrow.
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where small amounts of the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease were found. traces of legionella bacteria were discovered at the gustafson and hoover-wood elementary schools, and at batavia high school. all were disinfected over the three-day columbus day holiday weekend. the bacteria can cause legionnaires disease, but health officials say most people exposed to it never develop symptoms. >>a criminal investigation is under way after someone hacked into the naperville city website. city manager doug krieger is reassuring residents that no credit card information was released. the naperville website and email system have been down for a week.
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the city has set up a temporary website to provide crucial information for residents until the full site is up and running again. krieger says naperville gets half a million hacking attempts each day and last week, someone succeeded. protesters are working to fight a plant. they plan to shut down operations and outsource jobs to china. it is a move that would leave 200 people unemployed. >>next what the latest polls show about mitt romney and president obama. also ahead the man who wants to make the historic free-fall from [ female announcer ] research
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>>mitt romney has pulled ahead of president obama in a new poll. the pew research center poll of likely voters shows romney leading the president 49 percent to 45 percent. just last month. romney trailed
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the president by 8-points. romney's favorable rating has climbed to 50 percent while the president's has dropped to 49 percent. the survey followed the first presidential debate. two-thirds of those surveyed say romney won the debate. the two candidates for the illinois' eighth congressional district meet tonight in another debate. republican joe walsh and democrat tammy duckworth will debate at seven o'clock at the meadows club in rolling meadows. the event is open to eighth district residents. duckworth has accused walsh of being a right-wing extremist. walsh says duckworth is a tax- and-spend liberal. the eighth district was recently redrawn to favor the democrats. time is running out to register
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for next month's election. to handle a last-minute rush of registrations. the chicago board of elections at 69 west washington is open today until midnight. your form must be filled out and signed in ink and can't be submitted by email or fax. and if you mail in your registration. it must be postmarked by today. you can still register after today but you'll have to go to the office in person and cast your ballot during the same visit. a daredevil will have to wait a few more hours before making attempting to break the speed of sound.
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due to wind conditions felix baumgartner's plan to jump from a balloon at 120 thousand feet above new mexico has been delayed. the red bull athlete will attempt to become the first free-falling human to break the sound barrier. after jumping, he's expected to become supersonic within 35 seconds and ultimately reach about 700 miles per hour. the descent back to earth should last up to 20 minutes. the event will be webcast live. >>still to come this midday bananarama performs in the studio!' but first
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maintenance complaints leading to cancellations. prompting a lot of dairy farmers across the country to slaughter a growing number of milk producing cows. if you're looking for a job when the train to be a welder. they can take up to 12 weeks to fill a vacancy. welders with their own equipment can see a gross pay of $140,000 a year. pizza
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hut offering to give free pizza up for life for any consumer class the canada's whether they prefer pepperoni or cheese pizza. usa today says companies are doing what they can to get consumers' attention. >>have you "friended" your grandparents yet? more seniors are embracing social media. so if you are a senior how do you get started on facebook?
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tribu's jenniffer weigel is here with some advice. more seniors getting on facebook and really being a career with the technology. it starts with the language. the first half is to get rid of the language you're used to. you do not have to interact. you do not have to be on facebook all the time to really enjoy it. now-they're accepting a more and more. there used to it i guess. one of the things our expert says, do not
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put something on facebook that you would not put on your front door. observing the and directing is a great way. as albans that the found a friend that they're not seen in 35 years. car lots of scams. there are lots of skills. putting information on facebook about infants is really helping them to steal the attendee. he did not want to do thatsteal the identity.
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>> we're going to have a class. facebook for seniors. we do with love to have you. would love to have you trib u's facebook for grandparents" class takes place tuesday october 23rd 9 a-m at tribune tower in chicago. log on to trib nation dot com slash events to get more information or to order tickets. next governor pat quinn and chicago mayor rahm emmanuel's
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disagreement over who should run the state stadium authority. and, they're the most successful british girl group in pop history. they're celebrating their 30th anniversary by being part of the hard rock's pinktober breast cancer awareness tour. music from bananarama this midday. go to wgn tv dot com for an interview with the band.
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governor quinn and mayor emanuel are engaged in another public spat. this time, it's over who will head the illinois sports facilities authority. the authority manages u.s. cellular field. quinn appointed this woman his chief spokesperson, kelly kraft, as executive director of the agency. she worked three years in the state budget office. but, she declared personal bankruptcy in 2009.
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the mayor says the job should go to someone with more financial management skills. will need to make sure that the people have the best professionals. i wish the mayor with stop doing this. this is a very good person. let's let a good person do heard ofher dress job. in a televised interview she says her son is not racist and the media portray him in a negative way.
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>> i believe in the judicial system. i believe he is innocent. our belief in justice. about 20-percent of americans say they have no religious affiliation more than double the number reported in 19-90 a "pew research center" study also found that for the first time... the number of americans who consider themselves protestant has fallen to less than half at 48-percent. catholics make up 22-percent. mormon 2-percent. other faiths 6-percent. and agnostic or atheist 20- percent.
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china's twin baby pandas are celebrating their one-month birthday. the cubs were born at the giant panda breeding base in southwest china. the twin babies have been breastfeeding the whole first month. that's helped them gain weight and improved their immune systems. since the babies must be fed in turns.. the breeder uses honey to distract the mother panda's attention, and takes the baby out of her arms when she finishes feeding her cub. then the second baby is given to the mother. the nursing period usually lasts two or three months.
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we sure had a good time. you see a lot of familiar faces that he met over the airhope he me over the years. look at these clubs. clouds. a beautiful shot. he was fishing. look at
12:30 pm
the fall colors with lake michigan.thank you for sending that picture. one more shot.this has been a beautiful autumn with those colors. we have some high clouds. there is a cold front coming through tonight. a warm weekend storm. more about that in a moment. running 52.1
12:31 pm
degrees this month. the beginning of that warm winter. it is windy out there. the gust are bursts of wind. over 32 mph. it is a windy day out there. it will bring down some leaves. all stations reporting more than 30 mph wind gusts. we have other cool temperatures around the
12:32 pm
area. a little bit of increasing cloudiness. winds at ohare are sustained at 2.6. here is the front. showers on radar have moved into illinois. rain develops over night. tahat is the cold front passing. there is
12:33 pm
the air mass that is on its way. a storm coming off of the pacific. >> a channel of very strong wind. we have been dry this fall. only about three-quarters of our normal rain for the year.
12:34 pm
we need a little bit of rain. those are both above normal values. there is the weather map showing the front upstream. here is our forecast. wind shift in
12:35 pm
northwest. the weekend could see seven days. there could even be some severe weather. time for today's trivia in honor of national pasta month.
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time for sports. the bears have a lot of momentum going into the bye week, but the wide receiver corps will need the time to heal. rookie wide receiver alshon jeffrey broke his hand during the jaguars games. sources tell the tribune he could miss a few games, but coach lovie smith would only say jeffrey is banged up and he'll return this season. earl bennet is expected to return from a hand injury in two weeks. the bears' defense had three more take- aways on sunday, and they lead the league with 17 this season. lovie smith still sees room for improvement. >> >> we have gotten off to a good
12:39 pm
start. the bulls open the pre- season against the grizzlies at the united center tonight. joakim noah is a game- time decision. he's been overseas dealing with a personal matter. the bulls' "bench mob" will look very different this year with six new players in the rotation. the one holdover is taj gibson, who's in his fourth season and now considered the leader of the group. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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>>winning pick 3 numbers. 33,1 winning pick 4 numbers.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] or visit to secure your family's future today.
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in medical watch. federal health officials say as many as 13 thousand people received injections with a contaminated steroid.. and some may have to wait weeks to know if they're infected with meningitis so far, the outbreak of fungal meningitis has spread to nine states. 105 patients have become ill and eight have died. 23 states, including illinois, received the contaminated steroid. five patients in the chicago area who received injections at "apac centers for pain management" and showed "remotely possible" signes of meningitis went to hospitals for further testing. four patients tested negative.. the other test result is still
12:45 pm
pending. eating tomatoes may reduce your risk of having a stroke. tomatoes contain a chemical called lycopene, also found in peppers and watermelons.. and a new study finds a diet rich in lycopene can cut the risk of stroke by more than half. researchers in finland followed more than a thousand men over twelve years. they report those with the most lyopene in their bloodstream were the least likely to have a stroke. the researchers say lycopene acted as an antioxidant reduced inflammation and prevented blood clotting. eating tomatoes may reduce your risk of having a stroke. tomatoes contain a chemical called lycopene, also found in peppers and watermelons.. and a new study finds a diet rich in lycopene can cut the risk of stroke by more than half. researchers in finland followed more than a thousand men over twelve years. they report those with the most lyopene in their bloodstream were the least likely to have a stroke. the researchers say lycopene acted as an antioxidant reduced inflammation and prevented blood clotting. lunchbreak is next.
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we are making a hearty spaghetti and smoked pancetta dish. i've worked hard to build my family. and also to build my career. so i'm not about to always let my frequent bladder urges, or the worry my pipes might leak get in the way of my busy lifestyle. that's why i take care with vesicare. once-daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle and is proven to treat overactive bladder with symptoms of frequent urges and leaks day and
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night. if you have certain stomach or glaucoma problems, or trouble emptying your bladder do not take vesicare. vesicare may cause allergic reactions that may be serious. if you experience swelling of the face, lips throat or tongue stop taking vesicare and get emergency help. tell your doctor right away if you have severe abdominal pain or become constipated for three or more days. vesicare may cause blurred vision so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. i've worked hard to get to where i am... and i've got better places to go than always going to the bathroom. so take charge of your symptoms by talking to your doctor and go to for a free trial offer. [ female announcer ] he could be your soul mate. but first you've got to get him to say hello. new crest 3d white arctic fresh toothpaste. use it with these 3d white products and whiten your teeth in just two days. new crest 3d white toothpaste. life opens up when you do.
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in today's "lunchbreak" we are using a thicker type of
12:49 pm
spaghetti for a delicious italian dish. chef michael ponzio from bar umbriago is here to show us how. >>we have big chunks of meat in there. >> you have been cooking since a young kid. >>all homemade pasta. >>how long are we cooking this one? >>this one cooks for about 8 minutes. >>that is why i like it. a little bit of texture. >>we are taking some water. the starch inside helps thicken the sauce. we are going to take a little bit of butter.
12:50 pm
>>this is one of the meals you are serving. we imported a bunch of italian micro brews. >>these are the ones we are featuring. >>a lot of fun. >>fresh ground black pepper. it takes a pretty hefty amount. >>it goes for about 6 minutes. at this point we are going to put the cheese inside the pasta. >>allow the pasta and sauce to cook together. >>i think that is the mistake
12:51 pm
people make at home. >>they skip this last step. there is a lot of flour left in there. it smells delicious. >>it is traditonally finished with egg yolk inside the past. make a nice little basket. >>nice presentation. >>take the egg yolk and put it on top. >>how do i finish that myself? >>go in there with a fork. stir it in.
12:52 pm
make reservations. all the info on our facebook page. >>speaking of talking about the food. >>you are out in the dinig room telling people about the meals. >>i love meeting the people. it makes me enjoy cooking for them. bar umbriago is hosting an italian beer dinner this saturday from 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. 4-courses paired with italian beers. the cost is $75 per person and reservations are required. bar umbriago is located at 6 w hubbard street in chicago.
12:53 pm
for today's recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to wgn tv dot com slash midday.
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: actress sophia loren has said she owes everything she has to which type of pasta. a. penne. b. fettuccine. c. spaghetti. the answer: c. spaghetti. loren was talking about her famously voluptuous figure when she said that. >>it is warm and windy out there. showers up to the north and west. rain will be in ehrehere
12:56 pm
tonight. our headline is for the cool sunny windy weather. a stormy weekend coming up. we have shown you the percipitation. >>here is our little rain northweasst of us. not a lot of rain out of this system. you can see the temperature drop in the dakotas.a mild period after this
12:57 pm
chill we have been seeing.
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